Artisan Breads

This class is all about adding ingredients to your breads. We will make a fruit and nut loaf, a delicious blue cheese soda bread, bake a honey sweetened brioche and shape a fougasse. All classes are small, hands on and in my home kitchen. The class includes morning tea, lunch , all recipes and a big bag of bread to take home.

"Learning with Liz makes you want to go home and start kneading straight away!! She makes learning how to bake bread fun and informative. I picked up a number of very useful tips from her and was so glad to be able to improve on my kneading technique.

Liz holds a small class of up to 4 people, which means that you really get that individual attention and can have all your questions answered over a cup of tea and homemade biscuits. Liz does an excellent job at breaking down the process into easy to understand steps and explains the background and rationale to each step…which really puts the whole bread making mystery into context. She even throws a little surprise piece of trivia in every so often!

We got to bring our breads home much to the delight of my very appreciative husband, and I’ve now signed up for another of Liz’s class…the Sourdough bread baking lesson. I can’t wait!! " Sian. October 2016


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