The Micro Bakery Gets Industrial !

I was hugely fortunate to be one of the lucky recipients of a grant through the Urban Food Routes project, a unique initiative funded by Seeds of Change and the Mayor of London. This has enabled this little Micro Baker to get industrial. I am now the very proud owner of a Rofco B30 oven and a gorgeous Hobart Mixer. The Rofco is the size of a dishwasher and has the interior of a kiln, with three stone floors. It can get to a heat of 300C and can hold up to 12 shaped loaves. As you can imagine this has meant my bread output has increased and the pressure on my domestic oven has eased. The Hobart can take up to 10 kilos of dough and is a joy to watch. It’s heavy, sure mixing of different doughs is mesmerising. With the addition of these two pieces of bread kit, my bake days have been revolutionised. More Bread with more ease,

Monica Dolan, Projects Manager at Plunkett, has been brilliant to work with and I have also had two days mentoring. This has given me a chance to think about the long term future of Ma Baker and through a new pair of eyes. Watch this space !

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