I was at a crossroads in my life and bread came along...

I can’t actually believe I am now in the position to be writing my very own blog, about my very own micro bakery, on my very own website. It’s been a journey. A wonderful one. Ma Baker Bread Hands Covered in Flour I was at a crossroads in my life and bread came along in the form of Jane Mason of Virtuous Bread and her Micro bakery course in July 2013. I had baked before, mainly cakes and had dabbled with bread. But having the opportunity to try making all sorts of breads…whites, ryes, crackers, seeded, sodas, was amazing. As well as meeting other likeminded people AND talking endlessly about bread was fantastic.

From that moment on every spare moment was spent kneading or proving or baking or poring over recipes and foodie websites. I did voluntary work at the Slow Bread Company in Chiswick which was a huge eye opener. Handling 30 kgs of dough was quite different to my domestic baking. I marvelled at the quick shaping skills of the bakers and didn’t even mind the early starts. From there I volunteered at Bake with Maria and carefully watched the excellent tutelage of Maria, Emanuel, Ghalid and Marianne. Brilliant inspiring teachers who made everything look easy. I also supported other Bread Angels (graduates of the Virtuous Bread Micro bakery course) who were all incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

In September I entered the World Bread Awards and was shocked when I was shortlisted for an award and delighted to be named Runner Up in the Home Baking category. Spurred on, I decided that bread was going to be my thing. I started selling a small amount of loaves locally and then in April 2014, I taught my first class. Terrifying but exhilarating. Bread orders picked up. I went part time with my primary school teaching job. Bread class bookings increased. In July, I bid farewell to the school and have been doing ‘bread’ full-time since.

And loving it.

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