Teaching Kids Real Bread

Enterprise week at my former primary school. Each year group is charged with setting up a business. Year 6 decide on a bakery and request the pleasure of my company. Week 1 is all about bread skills. Teaching 60 kids the basics of bread making: ingredients, kneading, proving, shaping and baking. Week 2 , we discuss the basics of business and I talk to them about the 5 P’s - Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People.

Week 3 is all about developing the product and trying out different combinations of flavours in their buns. Most involved chocolate ! But we had some utilising herbs from the school garden. We also looked at different types of bun shaping.

Week 4 was Dragon’s Den. Each little baker gang (4 kids) had to present their business plan, marketing strategy and finished product to Dragon who then decided on the winning team. Once chosen the whole class then had to bake the winning bun and sell it at the School’s Summer Fair.

The winner was Big with a combination of cinnamon, sugar and chocolate chips. Over £200 was raised for the school through bun sales.

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