Take a look at the brilliant reviews our students have given Ma Baker. The proof is also in the smiles of these successful bread makers. Ma Baker’s Bread Classes are listed by Trip Advisor as one of the Top 3 classes to do in London, with over 450 five star reviews. Take a Bread Class. 450 people can’t be wrong ! ![](/assets/img/Bread Peeps 2.jpg)

Best kitchen course I have ever attended

Liz has an amazing teaching technique coupled with an engaging personality. Participants not only learn a lot about sourdough ( my course) but never feel inadequate or embarrassed. It is a non-stop action course and time flies by. Seeing the loaves exit from the oven that we had kneaded and shaped was most satisfying. It is a course for everyone - absolute beginners and bread-heads. I can’t praise it enough.

David - February 2018

Liz Wilson’s Sourdough Class

I learnt more in Liz Wilson’s sourdough class in a day than I did in a year of trudging through books and the internet.

At the same time it was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Everything was meticulously planned, so you were always kept busy doing something. I made 5 different types of bread! I’ve uploaded a picture - the focaccia didn’t survive the trip home…

Liz is a fantastic teacher - it’s a pleasure to learn from someone who’s so passionate about what they do.

Can’t recommend this course enough - 6 stars

Thomas - February 2018

Introduction to bread baking with Liz Wilson- a must for any bread lover!

I had a most wonderful morning baking bread in Liz’s class. Even though I had a go at baking bread before, I learnt a great deal about the process and was able to finally understand the techniques. Liz is an excellent teacher and wonderful host. The classes are small and intimates and our little group worked very well. I was astonished how much we made in 4 hours! In addition we were treated to most delicious lunch and fuelled by numerous cups of tea and coffee with home made treats. The bag of bread we baked vanished within the minutes of arriving home! I can’t recommend this course enough - an absolute must for any bread lover!

Anita - february 2018

Friendly, informative, empathetic baking with lots of snacks!

We’d never had a bread-making lesson and had only ever baked bread from ready mixes… Liz’s Sunday bread class ensured we never wanted to look back and we left with information, new skills and a total bias towards homemade bread over shop-bought! Liz mixes knowledge and prior experience as a teacher perfectly into the context of teaching adults something that you can take away with you, including detailed steps and takeaway print-outs of the instructions.The amount of bread you get to take home makes a bread party a necessity, and you’re fed homemade snacks and lunch throughout the day so come hungry! Standing around her kitchen table with 2 others (strangers) was a real bonding experience and I can’t recommend highly enough for either beginners or intermediate bakers. I’ve already given out my fliers to friends after showing them the photos we took of our mounds of different yummy loaves.

Holly - February 2018

Sourdough Bread Making

I make my own regular bread but was finding making good sourdough from books not easy with erratic results. Liz at Ma bakers was the perfect solution. Liz is an excellent, well organised teacher and actually making various sourdough breads as well as focaccia and crackers is by far the best and most enjoyable way to learn. we had a very good lunch with plenty of time for questions and advice. I met three interesting people in our small group and went home with a lot of bread, recipes,and some sourdough starter. It was an extremely pleasant thing to do on a cold day in a warm and cosy kitchen Treat yourself and attend a course, you won’t regret it and now I’m baking successful sourdough bread at home. Delicious!!!!!!

Steve - February 2018

Mistress of starters, wizard of bannetons

I did a sourdough basics course with Liz Wilson a couple of weeks ago and that was a massive turning point in my whole bread baking experience. I`ve been baking yeast bread for years yet a couple of failed sourdough attempts have prevented me from going that way ever again. The whole subject seemed to be complicated and unapproachable. Liz has changed it all with a bucket of flour, handful of starters and some gorgeous olives for lunch. The whole day was fully hands on, clearly structured, everything made perfect sense, Liz was very hospitable, approachable, shared information generously and demystified the whole subject. Upon arrival home that day(with a bag full of delicious breads we baked ourselves) I fed my starters, refreshed my class notes and never looked back. Feeling ever so confident with my sourdoughs now and ever so grateful to Liz and her bread passion. Cannot recommend this course highly enough. Lush Revolver - September 2017

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