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Bread Master Lesson by Liz Wilson

I have spent a full day in Liz bread class and i must say that it was exactly what i was looking for. Liz is professional and approachable in her teaching. The small group size make easy to make specific questions depending on your level of knowledge. The lunch provide is great and the product that she bakes is delicious. I highly recommend it. Morte - October 2017

The perfect way to get into baking

I truly enjoyed this baking course which is an excellent introduction to flavoured breads. I received a Bread Angels course as a gift and chose the Artisan Bread Course because of the variety of breads on offer. We made fougasse, fruit bread, brioche, stilton and walnut soda bread. And walked away with some bonus recipes for the delicious dark chocolate and fennel oatcakes (award winning, not just according to me) and buckwheat crackers that Liz served us for our lunch. Liz is not only enthusiastic and welcoming she is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at baking. it’s a true science and Liz explains it in a very captivating way. She’s also quite persuasive in terms of spreading her love of baking as a small business and if you were thinking of setting up bread making from home, I’d book into every single one of her courses! I really recommend this course and would happily book myself in for a future course. Lunch was the breads we were baking although of course we took home all the bread we made ourselves which kept my family going a while. Cotes de Moreaux - September 2017

Mistress of starters, wizard of bannetons

I did a sourdough basics course with Liz Wilson a couple of weeks ago and that was a massive turning point in my whole bread baking experience. I`ve been baking yeast bread for years yet a couple of failed sourdough attempts have prevented me from going that way ever again. The whole subject seemed to be complicated and unapproachable. Liz has changed it all with a bucket of flour, handful of starters and some gorgeous olives for lunch. The whole day was fully hands on, clearly structured, everything made perfect sense, Liz was very hospitable, approachable, shared information generously and demystified the whole subject. Upon arrival home that day(with a bag full of delicious breads we baked ourselves) I fed my starters, refreshed my class notes and never looked back. Feeling ever so confident with my sourdoughs now and ever so grateful to Liz and her bread passion. Cannot recommend this course highly enough. Lush Revolver - September 2017

Sharing the art of bread making

Liz is a great teacher. The day’s course with a small group of people was great fun and we learnt so much in a short time. She showed how making bread not only produces brilliant results, but is immensely satisfying, and is the perfect way to counteract the hours so many of us spend in front of a computer screen. Elaine - October 2017

Sourdough wtih Liz Wilson

What an excellent day - absolutely worth the money. I came away with a starter, a multitude of loaves, and the expertise to start baking sourdough at home. Liz is a great teacher and made for a very fun day. Delicious lunch thrown in too!! AmmB - October 2017

A brilliant day, great teaching in a relaxed atmosphere, and with lots of laughter

I have been baking bread for a while now but somehow no great success with my forays into sourdough. So, my wife bought me a course with Liz, aka Ma Baker, and it was a hoot. Great birthday present. The course is aimed at home bakers and class sizes are small, four participants in our case. This allows for a casual relaxed atmosphere with ample opportunity to ask questions. Clearly, Liz is a skilled baker, and an award winner, who can get the theory across in a straightforward manner. Sourdough is by its nature a slow process so to pack as much into the day, Liz had prepared the starters for four breads. Over the day we made up each one and as they required different techniques we were exposed to plenty of new methods etc. Liz is keen to get across that whilst it is a time process, it can be slotted into your day as you do other things. As you can see, the day was packed full of theory but well sprinkled with tips and handy hints. The course is £140 and given what we did, what we learned, and what we all went home with, it is great value. Btw, we all left the course with four loaves of bread, some crackers, and a dollop of starter which is now sitting nicely in my fridge. However, the best takeaway for me was the confidence to handle sourdough and what it typically feels like at each stage (therein lies my previous failures - too sloppy by half). I’ve already bought my equipment and put the course into practice last week with fantastic results, a basic white which looked right and tasted great. This is a super day and you’ll learn a lot, have fun, and gain a great skill which will stay with you. Go and do it yourself or if you are looking for a birthday / Christmas gift for someone - you’ve just found it.

Martin - August 2017

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